Esplendor by Wyndham Savoy Rosario is a work of art in itself. When it opened, in 1910, it was the first example of French architecture in the city of Rosario. The hotel has been refurbished, but most of its history was kept intact.

The green segments of the hotel's flagship dome are green-colored stamped sheet metal pieces.

The Luxury Suite occupies what used to be the "fumoir", the smoking room, reserved for men. Right next to it is where the ladies' room used to be, and both areas had a special floor design: oak marquetry with drawings; in the men's room, it was a geometrical design; for the ladies, it was a floral drawing.

The most interesting challenge was to restore and recover the original elements and the different areas. The PLAN Arquitectura Study did not want to bring into the building any aesthetically new materials, so they reused most of the floorings that were originally in the restrooms area, like the beveled ivory-colored majolica, which can now be seen at the public restrooms areas and on the basement walls.

A contemporary design was used, as well as simple materials that were somehow akin to the ones that used to fill the old Savoy Hotel, like white granite as flooring in the restrooms, or Carrara marble, which – when polished without shine – resembles the marble that covered the hotel's staircase. The former Savoy Hotel's architecture is part of the Cultural Heritage List of the City of Rosario. This means that the façade can by no means be intervened, modified, or altered, in order to preserve the urban image.

Inside the Esplendor Savoy Rosario there are elements that are also part of this List and that had to be protected, and even recovered, like the main staircase (done in Carrara marble and stuccoed in such a way that it mimics a marble frieze which covered the whole staircase) and the service circulation core, with antique ironwork in its elevator, also part of the Cultural Heritage List.

Moreover, the hotel has its own collection of artworks by the Mondongo group of artists, which was initially made up of Agustina Picasso, Juliana Laffitte, and Manuel Mendanha. They have been working together since 1999, and creating art with materials is their distinctive feature.

The relationship between the work and the material it is made of is always relevant to them, although in some cases it may be more evident than in others. The group's name is somewhat a pun on the idea of food: "mondongo" (tripe stew) is a very popular dish in Argentina prepared with many ingredients. Some of Mondongo's principles are constantly working as a group and turning their art into something for the masses.

Esplendor Savoy Rosario has the following pieces:

Atahualpa Yupanqui: Wool on wood. 150 x150 cm. 2006
Ben Gurion: Cotton threads on wood. 150 x 150 cm. 2008
Lisandro de la Torre: Fingerprints on paper. 150 x 150 cm. 2008